This week has been an exciting one for new arrivals, however small the delivery may have been, the garments are huge in nature, with one, in particular, capturing everybody's attention...the Ranger W Rider's Jacket from Trophy Clothing. This thing is a real statement piece, everything from the fit to the style, to the construction is on point. To nail an iconic classic as well as Trophy has with the Ranger W is no easy feat. Also included with the Trophy delivery was their Low Gauge Knit Caps, just in time for the colder winter months.


Trophy Clothing - Ranger W Rider's Jacket

When it comes to motorcycle inspired leather jacket, Trophy Clothing set the bar with their immaculately constructed renditions of iconic classics. The ‘Ranger W’ cuts no corners on the quality front, it has been constructed from a soft tea core horsehide leather that has been cut in a classic rider’s jacket silhouette with all the expected detailing.

The leather is responsibly sourced and only the finest hides are selected. The tanning process is kept traditional with only a brown base layer going down before the black creating the desirable tea core finish. This intricate process would usually show all the scars on your standard hide which many others would hide with chrome tanning. Trophy opted for the traditional and more natural method of tanning, using one of Osaka’s finest tanneries, completely trusting their choice of leather by keeping it all on show.

Made in Japan. Good for all seasons.


Trophy Clothing - Low Gauge Knit Cap

The Low Gauge Knit Cap is a seasonal staple from Trophy Clothing. Constructed from 100% wool that has been knitted using a variety patterns, carefully designed to assure a good fit on any head shape. There is a knitted seam that runs from the centre internally to the back, meaning the cap is best worn with the brand's logo on the left.