We understand that when buying online, determing the correct size to order can be difficult and getting it wrong is always disappointing. So we try hard to give you all the tools and information you need to work this out, and our team is here if you have any questions, so please email us if you need help (don't be shy, in our world there is no such thing as a stupid question).

Please follow the images below to see exactly how our published measurements are taken.  Then, once you've taken your measurements in the same way, you can compare with the individual sizing charts on each product page.  And remember we're here to help if needed in any way.

Measuring Bottoms

Measuring the Waist

Measuring the Front Rise

Measuring the Back Rise

Measuring the Thigh

Measuring the Knee

Measure 13" from the crotch to find the knee location to measure

Measuring the Inseam

Measuring Tops

Measuring the Chest

Measuring the Waist and Opening

Measuring the Length

Measuring the Shoulders: 1

Measuring the Shoulders: 2

Measuring the Sleeve