Introducing: Bold London Eyewear

We were first introduced to Bold London Eyewear when hosting our London pop-up shop. Guy Buchan, the founder of Bold, dropped in when passing by and a discussion around the glasses he was wearing eventually led us on a path to where we are today - a proud stockist of some of the finest eyewear we have seen come out of England.



Each pair of Bold eyewear is hand sculpted in their workshop in England, using time-honoured methods that are passed down from generation to generation. One of their signature design elements is their bold frames that are filed into shape from a solid acetate block and then manipulated with heat to create the curvature.

Once the rough shape is complete they are then hand-filed, polished and buffed to create a silky smooth finish. Some models are even given a coat of lacquer to elevate the shine. All these manual processes are very labour intensive and require a keen eye for detail to achieve the desired result.


We are currently stocking three of Bold’s core styles - Brushfield, Norton and Hanbury, in a range of frame colours with varying hardware and lens options that have been uniquely configured by Bold to our request.


A classically British and timeless design, its round shape with pronounced bridge works great across a range of head shapes. Although the width of the frame is fairly narrow, the signature frame girth gives the impression of a larger and wider style. Although the Brushfield is quintessentially a design that has been around for decades, right now it is one of the most popular styles, gathering attention from people of all ages, in all walks of life.



Bold’s take on the tradition Wayfarer - the Norton - is a style that has gracefully stood the test of time and remained what it is still today, one of the most iconic frame styles. Finished in Bold’s signature wide frame width, the Norton redefines the classic Wayfarer without taking away any of its hard earned curb appeal.



Summed up perfectly by Bold’s crafty tagline “Fortune Favours The Bold”, the Hanbury is a real statement model, its arched form creates a somewhat feminine guise that is balanced by the girthy frame and a broad bridge. This is a style that we couldn't help but take a second look at - unusual but very, very complimenting to all face shapes.



There are hundreds of eyewear manufactures out there, many of which also produce goods to an incredibly high level of quality, and Bold is truly immersed among those ranks. What makes them stand out to us though, is the sense of individuality that you get with all of their products, from their hand crafted nature through to Bold’s unique styling details, you can feel the pride in the craftsmanship of each and every pair of their eyewear.