Krammer & Stoudt: The Essentials Collection

Krammer & Stoudt is the brainchild of a once scenic artist for Disney and a talented fashion photographer.
Mike Rubin and Courtenay Nearburg are the Brooklyn-based husband and wife duo behind the brand; a heritage menswear label that gives a stern nod to the eternally revolving question, "What is Americana?The couple's SoCal roots are visible throughout their work with every new season reflecting their passion for the West Coast. To truly encapsulate American style takes more than just a ‘heritage’ tag. Style is priceless, and these guys have it in abundance.
Krammer & Stoudt is proudly manufactured in the USA using only the finest textiles sourced domestically or imported from Europe and Japan. Expect contemporary fits inspired by a range of West Coast sub-cultures from the ’60s and ’70s.
Mike and Courtenay teamed up with L.C. King Manufacturing to design their latest capsule collection, aptly titled 'The Essentials Collection' it comprises of a carefully sought out selection of American classics constructed using premium fabrics sourced by Mike himself and sewn by the very capable hands of L.C. King who have been producing garments in America for over 100 years. 

The Essentials Collection’ is a 7-piece capsule collection which features jackets, vests and pants, all of which are constructed from denim. The black garments have been constructed from 100% cotton, 12oz Blacksmith denim which was sourced from Mount Vernon Mills in Trion, GA and the Indigo garments are constructed from a lighter weight 8.5oz denim, which gives the collection more versatility through the warmer summer months.

The Submarine, Chore and Carson jackets have been reworked from their original guises into a more contemporary silhouette that works perfectly with both fabrics, giving shape to a relaxed-fitting garment. The same accounts for the pants, available in both weights, the Big Boy work pants compliment the rest of the collection and bring home the Krammer & Stoudt SoCal root identity in its full.

In addition to the capsule offerings, we took a couple of pieces from the Krammer & Stoudt SS20 collection, ‘Day-Glo Punks’. Mike airbrushed each individual leaf onto the shirts himself and no one shirt is the same, but they are all just as cool as one another.

Krammer and Stoudt is now available to purchase online at Sonder Supplies.