Behind The Brand: SaturdayTypeFever

"There should always be a reason for your design"


SaturdayTypeFever was started by Steve Curtis to produce limited edition art prints inspired by 70s style, music and culture from soul/funk/disco, striking typography and music and movie icons from Elvis and Marilyn Monroe to Nick Cave etc, all hand finished using diamond dust or gold leaf.
Steve’s venture into clothing came after a career spanning 25 years in design and advertising.
“I was lucky a few years ago to start working for Iron Heart, a Japanese denim brand. I have always loved denim, in fact the classic Levi 501 ads from the mid ’80s got me into advertising and design in the first place. Working for Iron Heart really opened my eyes to the quality, attention to detail, care and passion that goes into the brand’s clothing design and production.
This got me thinking…
Could I produce a shirt that was designed and constructed with the same principles and skills I have been lucky enough to learn and experience, but which also combined elements of my interest in 70’s style and arts?
A shirt that can be worn as either a shirt or a jacket has always been the holy grail for me - the key thing was to ensure it looked like a shirt when worn as a shirt, and as a jacket when worn as a jacket - not just a shirt open over a t-shirt.

The concept for the shirt was inspired by the Levi Type I with a classic clean design, slim fitting - but not tight, made by skilled London ateliers that are personally known, using high quality sourced materials, while also incorporating hidden art in the shirt.
And the result, in what will be the first of a series of limited edition pieces, is an 8oz Japanese indigo denim shirt - Fuse81

The Fuse81, is handmade in London by skilled ateliers from 8oz Japanese indigo denim, with tonal stitching, navy Corozo nut buttons and a single outside pocket adding to the clean profile. Inside every SaturdayTypeFever shirt hides a piece of art that creates a handy inside pocket. This artwork blends typography and colour relating to the song lyrics and its era.
"For this shirt I wanted to have the juxtaposition of having a clean outer design for the shirt while having a nod to something funky and colourful inside - and what better than a classic from Earth, Wind and Fire (not unknown themselves for their colourful outfits when performing). I think what I really liked was the secret - the fact that this unassuming shirt had an secret inside, that only the wearer knew about."

So what next? The beauty of the design and fit of the shirt allows creativity to bloom, making sure the right fabric is chosen with the right song, then the right typography, thread, buttons etc. So there really is a reason for the design!