RATS SS21 Preview


We are proud to announce that the highly acclaimed and hugely respected RATS will be joining the Sonder Supplies roster for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 season. 

Throughout the 80’s, the brand’s founder and Creative Director, Mano Katsutada was inspired by the emerging Americana culture on the streets of Harajuku. During this period, many other brands were finding their feet and starting to make their presence known in Tokyo.

When the Urahara boom emerged in the late 90’s, pioneering brands like Wtaps, A Bathing Ape, Neighborhood and Hysteric Glamour gained notoriety and increasing demand for their exceptionally well curated and constructed garments. Mano saw this as his opportunity to orchestrate his vision of what Tokyo street culture meant to him.

In 2004, after many years of planning and with the support of his good friend, Tetsu Nishima (Wtaps), Mano launched RATS, in his own truly unique style that portrayed a reflection of himself. His sheer determination and desire to make his mark within a culture that had influenced him through his years growing up in Tokyo.

Mano’s concept behind RATS and its name is a simple one, “Crawl forward, to live and to survive.” It is a manifestation of his determination to do whatever it needs, a proclamation of putting one’s pride aside and just keep moving forward.

Fast forward to 2021, RATS still follow the same philosophy and design inspiration as they did the day the brand was conceived. Recreating iconic Americana classics from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s with the utmost attention to detail, even going to the extent of recreating lost parts of a vintage machine that’s been out of date for decades to replicate extinct fabrics and modifying patterns within millimetres to achieve the fit they had envisioned.

This pursuit with passion is carried throughout every step, and it gives their products life and meaning.



The first items from the RATS SS21 collection will be available to purchase online in the next couple of weeks. Sign up to our mailing list for all new stock notifications.