Behind The Brand: Radiall

"What we have been doing fundamentally now and in the past hasn't changed much."

RADIALL was established in Tokyo by Yoichi Takayama in 2002. From a young age, Takayama found inspiration in elements of American roots music and the emerging hot rod scene in Japan. The combination of these cultures is the foundation of the brand and is reflected throughout each of their collections.
We met with Tomoya Kawamata, Radiall's International Account and Doobies Store Manager when visiting Tokyo at the tail end of last year and spoke with him about the past, present and future of the brand. 

You released your first collection in 2002, since then how has the brand evolved into what it is today? 
"At first, we started the brand with several T-shirts. From what we create and action we took from our perspectives, the number of supporters and fans gradually increased and Radiall has spread from Tokyo to all over Japan.
What we have been doing fundamentally now and the past hasn't changed much." 
How involved is Takayama in the design process for each collection?
"We sometimes work as a design team, but basically Takayama is involved in all the design and gives comprehensive directions."
What brands have you collaborated with in the past and who would you like to work with in the future?
"We have collaborated with brands such as SUICOKE, POSSESSED SHOE and KUUMBA INTERNATIONAL. We have also collaborated with Japanese artists and photographers such as Keisuke Nagoshi, Toshikazu Nozaka and Hirotton. We will keep collaborating with artists and brands mentioned above and we are hoping to exchange with independent artists or brands in the future."
Culture plays a big part in your brand's identity whether it be music, skateboarding or custom cars. Could you tell us more about where these interests began?
"When Takayama was a kid, he was influenced by rockabilly culture and longing for America since then. We linked and connected various cultures that are spreads out with the keywords “CAR CULTURE” and ”MUSIC”. Even though the categories are separated and different, they have something in common and that reflects in Radiall."
Could you tell us about the inspiration behind the SS20 collection? 
"The lifestyle of Cali, including the way of thinking and their unique values. Also, Takayama gives feedback on the design base on his experiences and the process of building his own garage for his lowrider, 59 Chevy 3100 Apache."
You named your store in Harajuku “DOOBIES’, where did that name derive from?
"We wanted to connect or be the “JOINT” of cultures, customs, and people."


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