In the late 1980s, lowrider culture started to kick off in Japan with cities like Nagoya & Osaka drawing the most amount of attention for custom car enthusiasts. The formally known ‘Chicano’ culture is more than just lowriders; the culture is heavily rooted in music, art and fashion.

Radiall founder and creative director, Yochi Takayama, became fascinated by all things Chicano at a young age and as his passion for the Mexican-American culture evolved beyond the custom cars to which he had been building for many years, when he made the decision to express his passion for the emerging scene by launching Radiall.

Today, almost 20 years after he launched his first collection, Takayama is still following the same vision he had the day he launched the brand. The only difference is now Radaill as a brand has an ever-growing, loyal following and is globally recognized in Chicano culture.

Read more about Radiall in our interview with Yochi Takayama



The Conquista Work Jacket is a staple item in every Radiall collection. The brand is built on a platform of garments designed to pay homage to their roots in Chicano lowrider culture where style and form need to coincide to achieve the overall image of what it means to be not just an owner of a lowrider but to also be part of the community.

Radiall Work Jackets portray the iconic image of a classic, true-to-roots aesthetic by constructing a garment that can be used for, as the name suggests, working in, but by also getting all the details right to make it look the part. So whether you are under the hood of your Impala or strolling down the boardwalk, this jacket will be in its element.





Released as part of the Radiall SS21 collection titled “Lo-N-Slo” is the Baseball Low Cap. Constructed from Reflax™, a water-absorbent and fast to dry fabric that has a linen-like texture, it is less likely to wrinkle when machine washed making it very easy to care for. Embroidered on the front of this 6-panel cap in a script text is “Lo-N-Slo” and on the back is the brand's classic flags logo.





Two pairs of soft and durable sports socks. Kept clean and simple with the brand's iconic rose stitched on the outer side of each sock and printed flags logo on the sole.